‘We haven’t accomplished anything yet’ says Jalen Hurts on Eagles’ historic 8-0 start:

A favorite son of Houston returned Thursday and made history for Philadelphia.

There were doubts about Jalen Hurts’ ability to serve as the Philadelphia Eagles’ long-term starting quarterback before both this season and the previous one. By the conclusion of the night, Hurts had led the Eagles to their best start in the 90-year history of the team.

Hurts led the Eagles to their first 8-0 start and a 29-17 victory over the Houston Texans in a triumphant homecoming for the Houston native. However, the 24-year-old played down the historical significance, believing there is still plenty to accomplish and much room for improvement.

After the game, Hurts, who was 21 of 27 for 243 yards, told reporters, “I know it’s special for the people of Philadelphia.” “I mean, I was 8-0 once before, and I still lost the national title. Take things day by day. Day by day, please. Nothing has been completed as of yet. We must control what we can each day, perform to our standards, and make an effort to advance daily. I believe that’s the real focus here.”

Along with the 8-0 victory on Thursday, the Eagles are also unbeaten in Hurts’ previous 11 regular-season starts. Hurts, whose previous three games have seen him throw multiple touchdown passes and eight touchdown passes overall, has swiftly moved from being a starter in Nick Sirianni’s offense that was up for debate to becoming the undisputed captain of one of the top teams in the NFL. The young quarterback has improved his play more than any other player in the game, according to the head coach who was on the losing end of Hurts’ abilities on Thursday.

The Texans’ head coach, Lovie Smith, stated on Thursday that “I think he’s progressed more, maybe more than every guy in the NFL.” “Excellent player.” The compliment drew a grin from Hurts when it passed on to him.

“I respect his opinion. I work to improve every offseason,” Hurts said. “I work to improve every offseason and the work shows in due time.”

The Eagles and Hurts encountered some unexpected difficulties against a struggling Houston team (1-6-1), but they were overcome en route to a comfortable victory, which was perhaps most impressive for Hurts on Thursday night.

Hurts wasn’t exactly at his peak in the beginning. He mishandled a few passes and gave his team’s second possession away. Hurts was in control of the attack as the Eagles started to distance themselves, as many had predicted they would from the beginning.

Hurts hit a breathtaking wide-open A.J. in the third quarter with the score tied at 14. Brown for the winning score of 17 yards.

Hurts and company began their second consecutive touchdown drive, which finished with a 4-yard touchdown pass to Dallas Goedert, when the Texans responded with a field goal to make the score 21-17. Goedert’s touchdown virtually sealed Hurts’ victory on his homecoming, even though there were still 11 minutes and change left in the contest.

Hurts remarked, “Anytime I get to return to the city of Houston, it’s wonderful. “This is the first time I’ve ever played professionally or in college back home. I never had that chance while I was a student. So, returning to play in a location where I’ve created many memories with my parents watching baseball at the same stadium [was special]. It’s a fantastic team victory, of all things. It’s unusual for me to think back on things without feeling anything, but I’m glad my family got to witness it today.

I’m proud my dad got to see that, and I know that’s special to him, because my family knows the memories we’ve had with the Houston Texans. Just being around and involved in the camps and Andre Johnson and him giving me his cleats as a kid. Those are the memories that I truly value to come home and get a win in this city it’s special.”

As NRG Stadium was flooded with Philly fans along with Hurts’ family members, the QB was even keel, remaining his usual poised self by his teammates’ accord.

Miles Sanders, an Eagles running back, stated, “You can’t read that man. He is consistently cool, steady, quiet, and collective.

Even though he was aware that it was unlikely to be necessary, Sirianni went as far as to advise Hurts against getting caught up in the pomp and grandeur of the occasion.

The second-year head coach remarked, “The one thing I told him before the game is don’t let this be a distraction.” “I’m not worried about you at all, but don’t allow this divert your attention. He wore the same expression, as though it made no difference. He simply conducts himself in that manner because it is who he is.

“I enjoyed finally getting to know his family. Good individuals. It was wonderful to finally meet them and put a name to the chats Jalen and I have about his family. He always talks so highly of them. I am aware of how fantastic it felt for him to win, and I am aware that he can now take pleasure in that. However, he didn’t approach that game any differently than he did the Cowboys or Pittsburgh games. He is a true professional because of this.”

In each of his three NFL seasons, Hurts has gotten better, and the Eagles have too during the past two. When they concluded the regular season at 9-8 and snuck into the playoffs the previous year, it all started.

And now they’ve long been the last undefeated team standing and are off to a franchise-best start. But despite all the hoopla of being the homecoming king and leading the charge into history, Hurts’ fondest memory from Thursday night will be one that exemplifies the work ethic which leads to the dynamic results on the field.

When asked what experience would stand out as his most memorable, Hurts responded, “Being able to get a win.” There is much for which to be thankful. There is much to consider as we look back on our accomplishments. There are numerous areas where we may make improvements. I won’t apologise for anything or the brief workweek. We want to play to our standard of play at all times. We are learning from the experience. It’s a learning experience that will only help us advance. In my opinion, there is only one way to go: up. For me personally, performing in Houston, being the first time performing at home, is a momentous occasion.

I think the job is still not done.”

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