Renewable Energy Companies

Let’s take a look at the big names in the Renewable Energy industry.

NextEra Energy

NextEra Energy, Inc. is an American energy company with about 58 GW of generating capacity, revenues of over $18 billion in 2020, and about 14,900 employees throughout the US and Canada. It is the largest electric utility holding company by market capitalization. NextEra Energy is the largest wind and solar energy producer in the world.

NextEra has a strong track record of generating wealth for shareholders. Over the last decade, it has generated a total return of almost 700 percent. Above-average growth has fueled the energy company’s high results. Since 2005, NextEra’s adjusted profits per share have increased at a compound annual rate of 8.7%, while its dividend has increased at a 9.6% annual rate. NextEra has increased its dividend for more than 25 years in a row, earning it the title of Dividend Aristocrat.

The company expects to boost its earnings by 6% to 8% each year until at least 2023, thanks to sustained investments in renewable energy. This should allow them to maintain a 10% dividend growth rate until at least 2022 while maintaining one of the finest balance sheets in the utility industry.

Orsted A/S 

Ørsted A/S is a Danish multinational power company headquartered in Fredericia, Denmark.. It is the largest energy company in Denmark. The company adopted its current name on 6 November 2017. As of January 2022, the company is the world’s largest developer of offshore wind power by amount of built offshore wind farms.

The company’s wind power segment is a division of the corporation that develops, builds, and operates offshore wind farms. Bioenergy and thermal power plants are operated by the company’s bioenergy and thermal power segments. By 2025, Orsted wants to be carbon neutral in both operations and energy production.

As of December 2021, the company had a revenue of about $5 billion.

Brookfield Renewable

Brookfield Renewable Energy is a global renewable energy leader. It is one of the world’s top hydroelectric power generators, accounting for more than 62 percent of its portfolio in 2021. Brookfield is also developing expertise in wind (onshore and offshore), solar (utility-scale and distributed generation, including rooftop solar), and energy storage. The majority of the company’s power is sold through long-term power purchase agreements (PPAs) that provide consistent cash flow.

As of the end of 2017, Brookfield Renewable owned over 200 hydroelectric plants, 100 wind farms, over 550 solar facilities, and four storage facilities, with approximately 16,400 MW of installed capacity.

Iberdrola SA

Iberdrola (IBDRY) is a worldwide electric utility corporation established in Spain. Electricity generating, distribution, and trade are all part of the company’s business. It is a clean energy company that focuses on onshore and offshore wind, pumped hydro, solar photovoltaic, and battery storage. Iberdrola has operations in the United States, the United Kingdom, Spain, Mexico, and Brazil, as well as overseas operations in Portugal, Greece, Japan, and Australia, to mention a few.

Iberdrola has a workforce of around 34,000 employees serving around 31.67 million customers.

JinkoSolar Holding Company Ltd

JinkoSolar Holding Co., Ltd. is the largest solar panel manufacturer in the world, with 11.4 GW of modules shipped in 2018. The company, which has its headquarters in Shanghai, China, began as a wafer maker in 2006 and went public on the New York Stock Exchange in 2010.

It manufactures solar energy products, including silicon ingots and wafers, solar cells, and solar modules. The company also provides solar system integration services. Jinko sells its products to customers in the U.S., Europe, Asia, Africa, and Latin America.

Clearway Energy

With approximately 5 gigawatts of wind, solar, and energy storage in operation, including assets controlled through our affiliate company, Clearway Energy, Inc., Clearway is one of the leading developers and operators of clean energy in the United States. Solar power of 1.3 GW. Wind power of 3.5 GW. 320 MW of distributed solar and community solar.

Vestas Wind Systems A/S

Vestas Wind Systems (VWDRY) is a wind energy firm situated in Denmark. Wind turbines are developed, manufactured, and installed by this company. In addition, the company has a service division that offers service contracts, spare parts, and other associated services. Wind turbines have been installed by the corporation in a number of nations across the world.
Vestas Wind Systems A/S, was founded in 1945.

Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy SA 

Siemens Gamesa is a leader in the renewable energy industry, working to provide the world’s best offshore and onshore wind turbines and services.

Siemens Gamesa is a wind engineering business situated in Spain. Onshore and offshore wind turbines, turbine gearboxes, off-grid, and other associated equipment are all sold by the company. It also offers reconditioning and maintenance services. Customers are served all over the world, and the company’s goods and technologies have been implemented in over 90 countries.

The company has a revenue of $9.48 billion.

Frst Solar

Thin-film solar panels are developed and manufactured by First Solar. This type of panel provides more useful energy than competing technologies due to its bigger size. As a result, it’s perfect for large-scale solar energy installations.

Since its initial public offering, the solar panel manufacturer has generated a cumulative annualized return of around 9.5 percent for its stockholders (IPO). As one of the world’s leading solar panel manufacturers, the company is well positioned to increase shareholder value as solar panel demand grows. By 2025, capacity will have doubled from its current level in 2020. First Solar also has one of the greatest balance sheets in the industry. In 2021, it had nearly $1.5 billion in net cash, providing it plenty of financial room to expand.

The company has a revenue $3.5 billion.

Canadian Solar Incoporated

Canadian Solar is a solar energy firm established in Canada. It creates and sells solar photovoltaic modules as well as energy solutions. The firm also manages solar power plants and provides maintenance and operation services. More than 160 nations are served by Canadian Solar.

Canadian Solar Inc. is a publicly traded company that manufactures and has a revenue of $3.36 billion.

SolarEdge Technologies

SolarEdge Technologies, Inc. is an Israeli company that makes photovoltaic array power optimizers, solar inverters, and monitoring systems. These devices use module-level Maximum Power Point Tracking to boost energy production.

The company has a revenue of $3.5 billion.

SunPower Corporation

SunPower is a solar energy company. It designs and manufactures solar panels and systems. The company provides solar energy solutions, including turn-key engineering, procurement, and construction. It also supplies equipment to resellers, commercial, and residential end-customers throughout the world.

The company has a revenue of revenue $1.39 billion.

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