Nicole Sage Stars in ‘S3x Tape’ Promoting NYC Congressional Candidate Mike Itkis

nicole sage and mike itkis

Nicole Sage is featured in a “s3x tape”-style adult video posted on P0rnhub by third-party New York congressional candidate Mike Itkis.

Itkis — who according to all polls and observers has no real chance to unseat Democratic incumbent Rep. Jerry Nadler in Manhattan’s 12th Congressional District — posted the “hotel encounter”-style video today, in what local politics news source City & State New York called “a grunt for attention.”

The 53-year-old aspiring politician is seemingly not unfamiliar with propaganda work, as his public resume shows him as having a background in “Army cyber operations.”

The 13-minute video features Sage and Itkis, who told City & State New York that he meant it “as a conversation piece,” to highlight his commitment to “s3x positivity, legalizing s3x work and making s3xual rights explicit” instead of just relying on privacy or free speech rights.

Itkis also claimed the P0rnhub video was “his first time having s3x on camera, and insisted he’s not an exhibitionist.”

“I’m very much an introvert,” he told City & State New York. “I’m kind of a nerd who doesn’t like to be the center of attention if I can avoid it. But I thought the issues I’m trying to address are so important — I wanted to have my issues talked about in some way.”

The leading Republican contender for Nadler’s seat, Mike Zumbluskas, told City & State New York that “you gotta do what you gotta do” to get press attention in New York races.

Sage — a performer with over 60 credits on her IAFD profile, including work for several top studios — posted the news item about the video to her social media without any comment.

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