Musk team working to reboot Vine this year

According to several sources, Elon Musk has given Twitter engineers instructions to work on a Vine reboot that might be available by year’s end. Vine’s devoted users were disappointed when Twitter shut down the looping video app in 2016 after purchasing it four years earlier. Shortly after, Twitter apparently wanted to sell Vine.

Vine’s old code base, which hasn’t been updated or changed since the shutdown, is already being examined by Twitter engineers. It “needs a lot of improvement,” according to one source.
Since 2016, Twitter has added new video tools, but bringing Vine back might provide video creators with a venue that is relatively distinct from Twitter conversation as a whole.

Musk reportedly talked about Vine in the months before buying Twitter, and on Sunday he started a Twitter poll asking if he should bring it back. As of the time of writing, the ratio of responses was almost 2-1 in favor.
Musk responded to MrBeast’s tweet, “If you did that and genuinely competed with tik tok that’d be hilarious,” with the phrase “What could we do to make it better than TikTok?” popular YouTuber MrBeast wrote in response.

The fact that TikTok employs an algorithm to bring up videos while Vine depends on a user’s social followers is a significant distinction between the two apps.

The Vine reboot is one of several sweeping changes Musk is considering just days after buying Twitter for $44 billion, including new options for user verification.

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