Lindsay Ellis’ Bio, Age, Net Worth, and Husband

Lindsay Ellis, 37, is a YouTuber, American author, film critic, video essayist, and former YouTuber. In July 2020, she published her debut science fiction novel, Axiom’s End, which quickly became a New York Times bestseller.

Ellis received her BA in Film Studies from New York University in 2007 and her MFA from the USC School of Cinematic Arts in 2011. Along with her friends Elisa Hansen and Antonella “Nella” Inserra, she wrote Awoken, a paranormal love parody of Twilight about a woman who falls in love with Cthulhu under the alias Serra Ellinsen. In 2010, she wrote and directed the short documentary film The A-Word about women’s experiences with abortion.

According to Ellis, her favorite subjects are “things that are deeply flawed but have this really interesting potential.”

She began her career in 2008 as part of the Channel Awesome production company under the web moniker The Nostalgia Chick.

In 2014, Ellis left Channel Awesome to focus on creating long-form video essays and writing.

In early 2020, Ellis launched the podcast MusicalSplaining, where she talks about musicals with her co-host, director, and illustrator Kaveh Taherian.

Lindsay Elis is known to be bisexual.

Where was Lindsay Ellis born?

Ellis was born in 1984 in Johnson City, Tennessee – United States of America

How old is Lindsay Ellis?

Lindsay was born in the year 1984, thus, she is 37 years old

Who is Lindsay Ellis’ husband Nick Hither?

Ellis and her husband, Nick

Ellis is married to Nick Hither. Lindsay Ellis’ husband Nick Hither is her longtime boyfriend. Nick tied the knot with the beautiful Ellis in 2018 in a private, blissful wedding ceremony attended by close friends and family.

Unlike Ellis, Nick is not well known and popular although they look to be happy together. In June of 2019, Lindsay Ellis and Nick Hither celebrated their first wedding anniversary. She hasn’t had any children although they’ve been married for a year.

Todd Nathanson, a fellow reviewer, was previously associated with Ellis. They eventually broke up, but they are still close friends.

As of 2019, Ellis and her husband, Nick live in Long Beach, California.

Is Lindsay Ellis on Twitter and YouTube?

On December 28, 2021, Lindsay Ellis left Twitter and YouTube, further stating that she is retiring from her career as a content creator.

She shared a Patreon blog post titled “Walking away from Omelas” and shared the news with her fans.

She has over a million subscribers to her YouTube channel, where she posts video essays and film reviews.

On her YouTube channel, Ellis frequently makes videos about Walt Disney Pictures films, as well as a long-running series about the Transformers films and video essays about the film industry.

Why did Lindsay Ellis leave Twitter and Youtube?

Throughout her career, the star has been targeted by online harassment, leading to her retirement from YouTube and Twitter in December 2021

According to her followers, the decision to leave Twitter and Youtube came after she was “molested to the breaking point” over an old tweet in which she said Disney’s Raya And The Last Dragon was very similar to Avatar: The Last Airbender.

The tweet, which has since been deleted, was posted on March 26, 2021, and was quickly followed by another in which Lindsay explained that she didn’t want to imply that “all Asian-inspired properties are created equal”.

In a Patreon blog post announcing her retirement from social media, Lindsay said, “I now know that even being in the public eye is a losing game and I regret all of it.

“It’s all hollow and brittle, and if there’s one thing I’ve learned this year, it’s how utterly expendable I am.”

What did Lindsay Ellis say?

The two deleted tweets, which sparked a mob of online trolls, discussed Disney’s 2021 animation Raya and The Last Dragon, which is based on traditional Southeast Asian cultures.

After seeing the film, Lindsay tweeted, “I’ve also seen Raya and the Last Dragon and I think we need to come up with a name for this genre, which is Avatar: the Last Airbender reduces in the last ones anyway years.”

This sparked a wave of criticism, with people claiming her tweet implied Avatar was the starting point for stories inspired by Eastern cultures.

She immediately shared a follow-up tweet, “I can see where, if you squint, I’ve been implying that all Asian-inspired traits are the same, especially if you’ve already been privy to these conversations I’ve been using them.” had not seen. But the TLA framework is becoming increasingly popular in fantasy fiction outside of Asian-inspired stuff.”

Lindsay Ellis’ Net Worth

Throughout her career, Lindsay has earned a great deal of respect because of her hard work.

She also made a lot of money, as well as a lot of affection, through her career. Lindsay made a lot of money from her social media profiles as well.

Because she is a writer, a significant portion of her income comes from her novel writing. Ellis is a terrific Youtuber, quirky film reviewer, and cinematographer in addition to being an author. In addition, Ellis has a $1 million net worth. Her personal and professional lives are both going well for her. She also hasn’t disclosed any details about her salary or earnings. Lindsay, on the other hand, may make a six-figure salary.

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