Kim Kacik bio, age, nationality, political party and husband.

Kim Klacik, born Kimberly Nicole Bray is a former Republican congressional candidate in Maryland and an American businesswoman. She was defeated by Democrat Kweisi Mfume by more than 40 points in both the special election held in April 2020 following the death of incumbent Elijah Cummings and the subsequent November 2020 election.
One key message of Kim during her campaign was she said she supported a private-sector healthcare scheme in which “any individual, even self-employed individuals, would be permitted to organize associations to acquire group health insurance.

Kim Klacik Bio

Kim Klacik studied business at Bowie State University from 2000 to 2002, and then transferred to the College of Southern Maryland to study hospitality management and administration. In 2013, she founded Potential Me, a nonprofit that assists underserved populations with improving their job prospects.
Klacik, a Middle River resident who manages a nonprofit and serves on the county Republican Central Committee, had the best name recognition of all the Republican candidates in the campaign.
In July, her comments and appearance on Fox News about trash and degradation in West Baltimore drew President Donald Trump’s attention, who blasted Cummings and the district on Twitter, calling it “disgusting” and “rat and rodent infested.”
Klacik, who earned tens of thousands of Twitter followers as a result of the stunt, later said she didn’t want it to “become into a political disaster,” but instead wanted city officials to address the area’s bad condition.
During her campaign, Klacik became well-known thanks to a viral video uploaded on Twitter by former President Donald Trump in which she strolled the streets of Baltimore, pointing out vacant homes and proclaiming that “Black folks don’t have to vote Democrat.” In 2020, she was also a keynote speaker at the Republican National Convention.
Potential Me, Klacik’s nonprofit organization focuses on disadvantaged women’s workforce development. Her program covers women’s issues, such as making oral contraceptives available over the counter at pharmacies to boost access to the medicine, which she believes connects with voters.

Kim Klacik husband

She is to married to Jeffrey Klacik, president of Klacik and associates in Parkville, Maryland, United States. Klacik and Associates, PC is a certified public accountants firm that provides services such as tax preparation and filing, financial management and reporting, and financial consulting and business advisory. The firm has been in operation since 1954 and currently has offices in Baltimore, Maryland at 8721 Lackawanna Avenue, Shamokin, Pennsylvania at 101 West Independence Street, and 230 Market Street in Sunbury, Pennsylvania.
Jeffrey Klacik is the president and managing partner of Klacik and Associates since 1994. Previously, he held the position of manager at Stout Causey and Horning from October 1993 to November 1994. Jeffrey Klacik was also a senior partner at Arthur Andersen from May 1990 to October 1993.
Kim Klacik and Jeffrey have a daughter named Olivia Ann Klacik.

Kim Klacik age

Kim Klacik was born on January 19, 1982. This means she is 40 years old.

Kim Klacik nationality

Kim was born in Accokeek, Maryland, United States, and hence an American citizen.

Kim Klacik political party

Kim Klacik belongs to the Republican Party and contested in the Maryland 7th Congressional Election in 2020 which She lost to incumbent Kweisi Mfume. She had 92,825 votes which represented 28.0% in that election.

Kim Klacik parents

Kim Klacik’s parents are James Bray and Katrina Bray.

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