Kai Taylor: Adult Movie Star and Euro Veteran dies at age 37

Kai Taylor, a veteran adult actor who appeared in two volumes of Rocco Siffredi Films’ eight-movie series The Spanish Stallion as a boxing teacher, has died.
Taylor took his own life, according to Siffredi, who has known the U.K.-born musician since the beginning of his career more than 12 years ago. His age was 37.

Taylor’s death prompted a social media outpouring of grief, with friends and colleagues expressing their astonishment and paying tribute to the captivating performer.

“The majority of his close friends who have been spoken to, they all feel great anger because he was such a talent, such a humorous human being,” Siffredi said on Monday. “Big heart, hilarious, a very, very giving person, with a lot of talent in front of the camera—and in life,” says the cheval chevalier.

Siffredi was still in shock after learning of the incident.

“What the fuck did he do this for, and why did he do it?” From his residence in Budapest, Hungary, Siffredi commented. “Everyone is enraged.” Probably the initial emotion is anger. Of course, you’re depressed, which will make you angry. But why, why, why did everyone feel the same way?”

Taylor, a former seasoned amateur boxer of Turkish/English ancestry, has accumulated over 640 credits since 2010, including dozens of scenes for European studios including Marc Dorcel, DDF Network, Killergram, 21 Sextury, Evil Angel, and Siffredi’s Budapest-based production firm.

Siffredi claimed he and Taylor had a complicated relationship with many ups and downs, but that despite everything, Kai was “like a son” to him.

“I met this guy for the first time in 2010 during his first professional scene in Budapest. “He stated to me, ‘I’m in this profession because of you,'” recalled the AVN Hall of Fame director/performer.

“Now consider this. We decided not to work together any longer because he couldn’t truly perform in front of me because he was always stressed.”

Despite the fact that they hadn’t worked together in years, they shared a passion for the sweet science.

“Man, we love the same thing,” they said. Siffredi stated, “We adore boxing.”

Last year, he collaborated closely with Taylor on one of their most important projects, the boxing-themed episodic series The Spanish Stallion, which stars Maximo Garcia, Sybil, Cherry Kiss, Zaawaadi, and Erik Everhard among others.

From the start, Siffredi knew he wanted Taylor to be a part of the project.

“I address him as… ‘Man, I need you,’ I say. On the boxing side, you’re the only one who can make this film look professional. “I require your assistance,” Siffredi explained. “He was overjoyed.” Finally, he was able to produce something that contained all of his knowledge.

“Finally, he expressed his delight in working for me. ‘You fuck anyone you want, you do what you want,’ I told him. ‘You are the director of your scenes,’ I informed him. Just don’t stress him out; I know he was terrified of my presence.

“After that, he remarked, ‘I need to thank you; let’s get back to work.’ So he called me and asked, “Why don’t you book me for additional projects?” So I tried to book him months ago, and as soon as I started, the problem reappeared. Troubles. The mind… I’m not sure what the issue is. With such a complicated mind, you can imagine what the issue would be.

“… And then I got a call yesterday that he had committed suicide. Don’t ask me what the cause is. “Don’t ask me what the problem is.”

“What I know, he admires me,” Siffredi concluded. I was a little bit like his father in this industry and maybe a little bit in life. I’ve been in excruciating pain today because I believe I’ve lost a son.

“What I said was ridiculous because we hadn’t worked together in a long time, but when we looked each other in the eyes, I could see he wanted to prove to me that he could do it.” Finally, he realized how to run a firm. Finally, he will be present. As a result, he need my [permission] at all times. I could see it in his eyes that he wants to show me how fantastic it is. That’s why I started screaming because I was so unhappy. My wife informed me when I was driving. I start yelling in the car. I was insane, I was fucking the windows and everything.

“Why, why, why did he do it?” I wondered. On the other hand, I was trying to figure out why I couldn’t figure out how to help this guy, why I couldn’t read through his vision, how much he was suffering, and how bad he was.

“His last words to me were when I booked him two scenes and then cancelled them because I told him, ‘Man, you’re hitting my brain.’ I’m running out of energy to deal with you, Kai.’ After 25 terrible messages, he says, “sorry, sorry, sorry.” ‘Sorry, sorry, sorry, Rocco, please, please forgive me,’ he says.

“And so I sent him a large heart, as if to say, ‘I love you, but we can’t work together.'” ‘You push me down, you put me down, you don’t understand,’ he said last to me. You took my place.’ That is the outcome, months later. I don’t believe it is entirely my fault, but it is partially my fault because many of us have harmed this man and failed to see his need for assistance—many of us. I’ll tell you something else: he had a large heart. Heart of gold.

“He was giving away free boxing lessons in Hungary three times a week. Simply to spend time doing ordinary things that make him happy. “I’m very sad about it,” she says.

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