I’m not a bad mom, I’m a soccer mom, Christina Haack tells Ant Anstead!

Christina Haack is going to great lengths to disprove her ex-husband Ant Anstead’s claims that she is a bad mother by sitting on the sidelines at her children’s soccer games.
Christina was in full soccer mom gear on Saturday, plopping down next to daughter Taylor in her foldable chair to watch son Brayden play on the field. Christina is making her first public appearance since Ant petitioned for custody of their kid Hudson and publicly chastised her parenting abilities.

Christina attended not just with her children from her first marriage to Tarek El Moussa, but also with his parents, who made a day of it by seeing Taylor compete in a separate game.
Hudson didn’t appear to be present… therefore he must’ve been with his father.
The news was first reported by TMZ… In legal documents filed Thursday, Ant accused Christina of being an absent mother, placing Hudson in danger, and exploiting the child as a social media pawn.

Christina retaliated with court documents of her own on Friday, attempting to poke holes in Ant’s claims. She informed the judge there was no need for an emergency order to give Anstead complete custody of Hudson, who is two years old, and the judge agreed thus far.
Christina isn’t sure what the score is in her kids’ soccer games, but she’s definitely aiming for parenting points.

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