How to Detect Google Penalty and Fix Them.

It is simpler to say than to do. However, it’s not nearly as difficult as it sounds or appears. Success in business nowadays is determined by how well you perform both offline and online. While businesses typically perform well with their offline component, it frequently comes at the expense of their online component.

The truth is there is no magic button pressing which your online rankings would start to improve at once. The truth is, just like anything else, there is, a right way and a wrong way of getting to the top. The wrong ways will get your website penalized, but the right ways might or might not get you to the top, but it will certainly improve your chances of it.

What is a Google Penalty?

A Google Penalty is a detrimental effect on your website’s search engine rankings caused by a variety of factors, in which case either its ranks significantly decline or it is excluded from search results without notifying the website’s visitors. A manual (human) inspection at Google may find that there are fundamental problems with your website that violate their policies before imposing the penalty.

Or it could be as a result of one or more of the often released Google Updates. Google has acknowledged that it updates its algorithm frequently. It acknowledges that the majority of the updates aren’t even made public.

As a matter of fact, Google makes changes to its algorithm every single day. This makes Google Updates the least of your worries, and Webmaster’s Quality Guidelines all the more relevant to your online business strategy.

When and Why Does Google Impose Penalties?

It could be unnatural, unreliable, and spammy backlinks; a flimsy content strategy that reeks of copycat content; or a lack of the specific information the consumer was seeking. Cloaking or cunning redirection may be the cause, in which case the pages that Google indexes you for and the ones that users land on are different. Unchecked spam comments on your sites or posts are one possibility, but the worst case scenario is that your website’s security has been breached or hacked. But it’s not like that. There are a variety of reasons why your website can be punished, as we mentioned at the beginning. They are described in Google’s Webmaster Guidelines.

How to Detect Google Penalties and Fix Them.

No matter how young or old your website is, it is a good idea to conduct a diagnostic test on Google Webmasters, or Search console as it is now known, every few days to make sure everything is functioning properly. If, however, your website’s traffic and rankings have been steadily declining and you haven’t been able to reverse the trend, there may be a few underlying problems that you may have overlooked.

Everything that is either making your website rank poorly or not appear at all in the search results can be found with a quick examination of Search Console. You would be happy to know that more than 90% of the issues can be quickly resolved and your website will once again start to be properly crawled by search engines in a matter of days.

The backlinks (read: Bad Backlinks) to and from websites that are in violation of Google’s standards, on the other hand, are the problem that requires the most effort and erasing the most frequently. While utilizing Search Console or Monitor Backlinks, you may quickly discover (and subsequently remove or disavow) poor links from your website, approaching other websites that flout Google’s criteria and requesting them to remove links to your website will need some tact and a few humble requests. Although laborious, it is definitely possible. It has to be, too.

There is a correct protocol that must be followed in order to correct Manual Actions on your site:

  1. Log in to Search Console
  2. Expand Manual Actions panel to see what all pages are affected and what exactly are those issues
  3. Fix all the issues on all the affected pages
  4. Request a Review

Please note that it can take from few days to a several weeks for Google to review your reconsiderations. You will be informed by email when you review is complete.

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