Giannis breaks Kareem’s all-time Bucks record in win over the Nets.

Joel Embiid questioned the host of a podcast earlier on Thursday about the top players in the NBA right now for not including Giannis Antetokounmpo. That host stated flatly that Kevin Durant and Joel Embiid were two of the best three players in the NBA, which piqued Embiid’s interest, prompting him to inquire about the third player. When the host heard Jokic, Embiid simply inquired, “Where is Giannis?” like everyone else. When we talk about the best players in the NBA today, we should all ask ourselves that question. While playing against Kevin Durant, another player who deserves to be on that list, Giannis proved tonight that he should never be left out of the conversation.

In reference to the Podcast, ClucthPointsApp tweeted:

The Bucks were put to the test tonight, and a win would very certainly guarantee them a spot in the NBA Playoffs in 2022. They were playing the Nets, and Giannis was trying to break Kareem Abdul-record Jabbar’s of being the team’s all-time leading scorer. Before the game, Kareem had 14,211 points, and Giannis needed 40 points to break the record. He not only made it there, but he outdid himself by sending a close game into overtime with a fantastic three-pointer. He also happened to hit the game-winning basket in the Bucks’ 120-119 win over the Brooklyn Nets. Giannis was the major star of the evening in a game that was full of emotions from all sides.

Bucks qualify to the NBA Playoffs.

Giannis also helped his club qualify for the NBA Playoffs, which begin on April 16, with a 48-28 record courtesy to Antetokounmpo’s 44 points and 14,216 points, which set a new NBA record. Milwaukee meets the LA Clippers on Friday with six games remaining in the regular season, knowing they will be in the Playoffs. The Nets, who have a 40-37 record, still have a chance to make the playoffs. They must take a day off before facing the Hawks in Atlanta on Saturday. This day will be remembered as the historic evening in which Giannis Antetokounmpo triumphed over a huge player like Kareem Abdul-Jabbar.

The Nets’ Kyrie Irving spoke about thwe Bucks after the game. He noted “They’re playing pretty physical. I think they were a little reckless at times on a lot of their fouls, or a few of their fouls. That’s who they are, but I just think it was just reckless sometimes.”

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