Elon Musk fires Twitter employee on Twitter

Elon Musk isn’t scared to fire someone, as the recent layoffs at Twitter and the less recent layoffs at Tesla have demonstrated. The board members weren’t the only ones forced out of Twitter following the takeover, with Musk laying off around half of the company’s workforce shortly after.

One of Musk’s more well-known actions after taking the reins at Twitter was firing several high-profile members of the company’s board “for cause.” As cuts were made, entire departments were eliminated, and the surviving employees underwent a significant reorganization. However, some of those layoffs may have been premature, with the company allegedly asking several employees to come back after it emerged they were more necessary for the day-to-day running of the company than the managers responsible for making the cuts anticipated.

After a contentious conversation regarding the internals and functionality of the company’s Android app, Musk seemed to publicly fire a worker. Musk simply replied, “He’s fired,” in response to another user who claimed he wouldn’t have an employee with Frohnhoefer’s attitude on his team.

The debate centered around Twitter’s Android app

The tussle with the apparently former Twitter employee started when Musk posted a tweet about the app’s performance in some localities, stating “Btw, I’d like to apologize for Twitter being super slow in many countries. App is doing >1000 poorly batched RPCs just to render a home timeline!” One of Twitter’s Android developers, Eric Frohnhoefer, disagreed, saying he had spent six years working on the app and Musk’s statement was wrong.

Frohnhoefer continued by making it clear that the app doesn’t actually make any RPC calls and that delays are brought on by the time it takes to communicate with Twitter’s servers in the United States rather than by RPCs that are inherent to the app. Following some back and forth, Musk challenged the engineer to explain what he had done to advance the app while working for the firm. Frohnhoefer provided a thorough response, outlining issues he has assisted in resolving, faults he observed with the app, and potential fixes. The final statement from Musk was less helpful.

In a subsequent tweet, Musk referred to Frohnhoefer as a “ex-employee” and asserted that many Twitter developers had “independently validated” that 1,200 RPCs were the cause of the Twitter app’s slowdown and that the Android developer was mistaken.

It wasn’t immediately clear whether the coder had actually been let go or if Musk was joking.

Yesterday, Frohnhoefer tweeted that he was actually “still employed” with the business. The developer’s bio still said “still @ Twitter,” but it also said he was open to other opportunities. The employee then appeared to confirm his termination on November 14 just before 6 PM Eastern Time.

Although Frohnoefer’s time at Twitter has apparently come to an end, the very public nature of his dismissal is likely to leave him with a few options.

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