Bree Purganan (Jalen Green’s Mother) Biography, Nationality, Ethnicity, Instagram, and Age.

Bree Purganan is a Filipino-American nurse, a housekeeper, an entrepreneur, and a social media influencer from Ilocos Sur, Philipines. She is famous and well known as the mother of Jalen Green – an American professional basketball player.
As a professional nurse, Bree is to be very passionate and caring about people especially her family and that makes her the best of housekeepers.

Bree Purganan’s Bio

Bree Purganan was born between the years 1986 and 1991, she might be between the ages of 30 and 35 years. Her exact date of birth and age is not known yet.

Bree is a proud mother of Jalen Green who has already made a mark in basketball even though his professional career has not started properly.

During her school days, Bree was an active participant in school athletics and sports. She used to play basketball and soccer and also took part in cross country races. Bree might be the inspiration and one of the role models for her son Jalen, who pursues his career as a professional sportsman in basketball in the United States of America.

Bree is famous for being the mother of one of the fastest rising stars in basketball in America – Jalen Green. It is believed that she is the one who encouraged her son, Jalen – a future basketball champion, to involve himself in every sport until he finds the one that he gets attracted to the most.

She has had a strong fondness for the medical field since she was a child, and she hopes to pursue a career in this area in the future. She has risen to the level of a professional nurse through her hard work, dedication, and passion for the profession.

Although Bree was very active in sports during her school days, she had an extreme passion for the Nursing profession and as such took it seriously to become the professional nurse she is today. As a nurse, her love for humanity and the needy is overwhelming, for this reason, she supports the American Cancer Society and helps in raising money for their cause.

Bree currently lives in California,  USA.

Bree Parganan’s son, Jalen Green.

Bree has a handsome and talented son from her first marriage called Jalen Green. Jalen was born on February 9, 2002, in the USA. Jalen hopes to be an NBA superstar soon.

Although Jalen was born in America and hence an American national, Filipino fans were excited to see the young chap on the court playing in the 2018 National Basketball Training Centre National League for Fil-Am Sports in Manila. They regarded him as their ‘Idol” in the Tagalog language.

Jalen has stated that his wish is to represent the Philipines Men’s national basketball team in the future because of his background and heritage even though he was born in the US.

Jalen also identifies himself as an Asian American.

Jalen Green

Bree Purganan Nationality

Bree Purganan was born in the Philipines in a town called Ilocos Sur. She was raised in the Philipines until her parents moved to the USA. Because she was born in the Philipines, it means she is a Filipino. Although Bree is a Filipino by birth, she also holds an American citizenship card and also identifies herself as an American thereby making her an American national too.

This means that Bree Purganan is a Filipino-American national.

Bree Purganan’s Age

The exact date of birth of Bree is unknown for now, she is presumed to be between the ages of 30 and 35 years.

Bree Purganan Ethnicity and Family

Although Bree is a Filipino, her ethnicity is Asian.

As for her family, there is very little known about them although she sometimes posts them on her social media handles. Bree was born into a well-settled family and was raised in a god-fearing, loving, and caring way. She has always mentioned her love for her family is unmatched. She has about two or three brothers and a sister. One of her brother’s names is Josh Bass. Bree likes to spend quality time with her family having fun and enjoying themselves.

Bree Purganan’s Height and Weight

Bree is estimated to stand at a height of 1.65 meters. For her weight, she weighs 60kg.

Bree Purganan’s Relationship

Bree has been in two relationships. First, she got married to Jalan’s father in the early 2000s. Little is known about her first husband. After their divorce, Bree got into a relationship with Marcus Green which later turned into marriage. Marcus Green is a member of DeShawmn Stevenson’s NBA team.

Aside from being blessed with her son, Jalen, Bree has beautiful daughters too.

Bree Purganan Social Media

As a social media influencer, Bree loves to update her fans and followers a lot. She has handles on Facebook, Instagram, etc

Bree Purganan Net Worth

As a professional nurse and entrepreneur, Bree has gained enough money in her career. She is estimated to be worth between $1 and $2 million.

Quick Facts about Bree Purganan

Full NameBree Purganan
Date of BirthNot Known
Age30 – 35
Mother’s nameNot Known
Father’s nameNot Known
Place of BirthIlocos Sur, Philipines
Current place of residenceCalifornia, USA
Height1.65 meters
Highest educational qualificationNot Known
Famous forMother of American Professional Basketball Player Jalen Green
Relationship statusMarried
Eye colorBrown
Hair colorBlack
Zodiac signVirgo
Net Worth$1-2 million
quick facts about Bree Purganan

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