Bamboo Salt price, health benefits, why it is so expensive and how it is made.

Bamboo Salt has been in existence for a very long time and has been used by the Koreans for cooking and as a form of traditional medicine. Bamboo Salt is made from standard sea salt after about 30 days of labor-intensive, and a carefully monitored step-by-step process.

How is Bamboo salt made?

The process of making bamboo salt is very cumbersome and requires following a step-by-step procedure. The steps are listed below;

  • Placing standard sea salt in a bamboo barrel. The bamboo (usually three-year-old) is cut into uniform trunks with one side closed to serve as a container for the salt. The sea salt (from the west coast of Korea) is parked by hand densely into the bamboo.
  • Loading of filled bamboo barrels onto a cart
  • Placing the cart into a kiln and heated for about 14 hours at a temperature of over 800 degrees Celcius. This burns away the bamboo leaving a column of salt.
  • The salt is ground and then placed into other sets of bamboo barrels and heated over again. This process is repeated eight times.
  • On the ninth time, the salt is heated in a special kiln operated by an expert and then heated at a temperature of about 1,000 degrees Celcius. This is the final stage of the process and also the hottest. This final part requires extreme caution and expertise since the slightest error could lead to a waste of a month’s long work. At this stage, both the salt and bamboo completely melts which then drains into a mould. The mold is then cooled over a few days and then a blackened rock-like remains.
  • The rock-like structure is broken down by hand. Here, the workers ensure no materials are wasted.
  • The salt is then packed and ready for the market.

Why is Bamboo Salt so expensive?

The high cost of a bamboo salt is a result of the labor-intensive nature of the process. Every single step in the process of making the bamboo salt is done by hand. It takes about a month to 50 days from the day of placing the standard sea salt into the bamboo barrel and melting it nine times over to get the finished product.
Also, depending on where you buy your bamboo salt or where you live, the price differs, but a high-quality bamboo salt doesn’t come cheap.

What is the price of Bamboo salt?

Due to the nature of its production, which is mostly manual, and the number of days it takes to make, an 8.5 ounce of high-quality Bamboo salt costs around $100. This price makes it the most expensive salt in the world.
The high-quality premium bamboo salt is steep, it is often referred to as “purple bamboo salt”. It is nine times roasted and can cost 10 times the price of pink Himalayan salt. The price ranges between $180 and $230.

What are the health benefits of Bamboo salt?

Since the bamboo salt is roasted nine times over and in a bamboo barrel, it is very healthy because all the impurities and bad things in the salt are removed. Also, during the process, the oil in the bamboo is absorbed and concentrated into the salt which also serves as health benefits for the body.
Some benefits of bamboo salt include;

  • Bamboo salt helps in skin nourishing
  • Bamboo salt has anti-cancer effects
  • Bamboo salt (roasted 2-3 times) is used in traditional Korean medicine
  • Nine times roasted bamboo salt has the lowest toxicity
  • Nine times roasted bamboo salt has the highest mineral content essential for the body. It contains calcium, iron, and potassium
  • Bamboo salt is used to manufacture soap and toothpaste
  • Bamboo salt helps to prevent aging

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