A Guide to Modern Tech Smart Nightstand

Nothing is closer to you during the night than your nightstand, except from your partner (if you’re lucky enough to have one). Shouldn’t this bedside table be used for more than simply books, phones, and half-drunk glasses of water?

Discover the latest smart nightstand, including features and price, to make your early mornings more comfortable.


You may easily “smarten” your Stone Age nightstand with the addition of an Echo Spot if you’re simply in love with it and can’t imagine an evening without it. This modern spin on the classic alarm clock won’t charge your devices, but it will offer linked intelligence to your fingertips. The always-connected Echo Spot, which comes with Amazon’s AI assistant, Alexa, can give you full control—on-demand or via automation—over your home’s smart devices, such as lights, blinds, thermostats, or coffee makers, allowing you to create your sleep and morning routines. Spot users may also use touch or voice commands to get the latest news and weather, watch video on the device’s radial screen, and make and receive phone calls. Plus, the Spot remains a fashionable and infinitely configurable alarm clock.

Price: $129


South Shore nightstands offer a classic nightstand design while also addressing the most pressing issue of the twenty-first century: keeping a fully charged smartphone within reach at all times. Whether it’s to turn off an alarm, read/write an email, or simply check the weather, our phones are the last things we see before going to bed and the first things we reach for when we wake up in the morning in the always-connected hellscape that is most of our lives. And if they’re dead, they’re useless. South Shore offers a variety of cabinets (the Flexible, the Versa, and the Vito) in a variety of styles, all of which include a clever charging strip built right in. Owners may charge many gadgets in the top drawer without having to worry about cord clutter on their nightstand.

Price: $120 – $175


The Sobro Smart Side Table, from the developers of the Sobro Smart Coffee Table, is a nightstand that is not only packed with smart capabilities but also helps you sleep better. A wireless charging pad, several USB connections and outlets, Bluetooth-enabled stereo speakers, an app-controlled locking drawer, and a whisper-quiet cooler drawer are all included in this innovative cabinet. The Sobro Smart Side Table also aspires to be a sleep aid, so it has a white noise generator and LED lighting that simulates a sunrise to help you wake up more softly. The Sobro Sleep App that comes with it allows you to track the quality and length of your sleep so you can make informed modifications for better rest. The Sobro also has you covered if you have a restless night. A motion-activated night light runs along the bottom of the side table, eliminating the need to flip a switch whenever nature calls. And, best of all, the Sobro Smart Side Table will never, officially, go out of style. The WiFi-enabled gadget will automatically download software updates as needed, and you may control your Sobro remotely thanks to the constant connectivity.

Price: $899


If you’re looking for Sobro-style functionality in a sleeker—and decidedly less refrigerated—style, there’s the Curvilux. The Curvilux packs many of the same features—wireless tabletop charging for up to 3 devices, a motion-activated night light, an app-controlled locking drawer, and a Hi-Fi stereo speaker—into a more petite presentation. The Curvilux even has a sunrise simulating alarm to gently ease you into the day. And in fairness to the Curvilux, it did launch well before the Sobro, so if there was any “inspiration” between the devices, it most likely ran in that direction. But the Curvilux also includes some intriguing original features, like a built-in microphone that will let you field phone calls with your hands place firmly behind your head upon the pillow.

And in addition to its more minimalist style, the Curvilux features a smaller price tag than its Sobro competitor

Price: $389

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