If you’re lacking energy, consider some natural stimulants rather than reaching for the Red Bull as they are more safer for you and don’t contain additives, excess sugar, preservatives, artificial sweeteners, or food dyes. These naturally occurring stimulants are produced from entire foods and some of the strongest stimulants available today. In moderation, they won’t make you jittery and even offer the body a variety of natural health advantages. Today, give these a try and discover for yourself how fantastic they may be!


My favorite natural stimulant is by far cacao. Because, well, it’s chocolate! Antioxidants, iron, magnesium, B vitamins, zinc, and Vitamin C are all abundant in cacao. Cacao’s iron, magnesium, and zinc are utilized to prevent illness and improve mood. Plus, cacao is one of the most potent natural foods on the world because it contains naturally occurring energetic stimulants—over 200, to be exact. Any smoothie, dessert, baked product, or beverage can be made using cacao powder or nibs. It works excellent in some almond milk heated with stevia to make a healthy hot chocolate, and I love to use it in my homemade energy bars and smoothies. Additionally, cacao boosts immunity, supports healthy cellular turnover, stimulates metabolism, and suppresses appetite.


One more of my favorite all-natural stimulants that is derived from a full, raw food is maca. Peruvian maca root, which resembles a turnip, was discovered there. It has innate revitalizing qualities that are great for poor thyroid function or days when you simply feel a little lethargic. For long-lasting energy, choose maca root instead of other supplements. It gives me lasting energy all day, so I like to take it in the morning. There is only one type of maca powder available in the United States, unless you purchase it as a supplement. I prefer to add maca powder to all of my shakes, smoothies, and energy bars, or I use it as a wonderful creamer in coffee or chocolate. Despite having no sugar at all, it has a butterscotch and caramel flavor.


As a mild stimulant and a herbal alternative to aspirin for migraines, cayenne powder can be used. It increases blood flow to the brain and aids in numbing nerve endings’ discomfort. I like to add some lemon and a little sprinkling to my morning tea. Additionally, I add cayenne to recipes for chocolate smoothies since it improves the flavor of the chocolate without being overpoweringly hot or spicy. Cayenne is also offered in regular drugstores and health food stores in the form of pills. Cayenne is an excellent antioxidant and a fantastic metabolism booster.


I adore including espresso beans into smoothies for their stimulating flavor. Since espresso beans are coffee beans, they are already a fantastic natural stimulant and are literally bursting with antioxidants. For the most flavor and variation, I prefer to get organic espresso beans. Consume no more than 10 beans daily in smoothies and energy drinks, or one to two cups of coffee in moderation. Magnesium, B vitamins, iron, zinc, and many other antioxidants found in coffee cleanse the liver and bloodstream and have been associated to reducing the risk of cancer, depression, and Alzheimer’s disease.


Chia seeds are incredible for boosting your vitality! Although they don’t technically qualify as stimulants, they do act as a quick source of energy that lasts for hours, just like stimulants are meant to. Just one or two teaspoons can be added to homemade bars, granola, oats, smoothies, or chia pudding. Chia was once utilized to sustain Aztec warriors over periods of up to nine hours during which they were unable to ingest food while engaged in combat. They are great for sustaining your energy levels and providing an extra lift without the crash that comes with caffeine pills or energy drinks.


The herbal supplement ginseng is well known for its capacity as a natural stimulant. Similar to coffee, it supplies the body with fast energy and a variety of antioxidants, as well as some benefits for weight loss and cancer prevention. Consume in the form of tea, pills, or powder, and for a good complementing taste, add some ginger root.


Because the lipids in coconut oil are immediately utilised by the liver to encourage energy generation, many athletes like to eat coconut oil before a race or an extended workout. Medium-chain triglyceride fats, or MCT fats, are the name given to the fats found in coconuts. When ingested in moderation, these fats are not retained by our cells but are instead utilized by them to support thyroid and metabolic function. Early in the day, you can use coconut oil wherever you wish. Many people either eat it raw or stir it into their coffee or smoothies. Additionally, coconut oil has antiviral qualities that strengthen your immune system and improve your energy levels over time. For the greatest benefits, make sure you use extra virgin, organic coconut oil.


A special natural stimulant is green tea. One benefit of green tea is that it naturally promotes an increase in energy since it contains caffeine. However, what makes green tea special is that it also has soothing properties, which makes it such a wonderful safe stimulant. Green tea contains the amino acid L-theanine, which helps to calm you down and provide you lasting energy without leaving you drowsy, lethargic, or agitated. After just one or two cups of green tea, everything becomes immediately clear even if it almost seems impossible. Make a cup of green tea, add some lemon and cayenne, and a little stevia for sweetness for a double dose of energy. It is such a revitalizing, soothing combination that is ideal for those afternoon naps we all experience!


A plant endemic to Venezuela and the Amazon rain forest produces guarana berries. It is a stunning red fruit with a high concentration of antioxidants and more caffeine than any other plant, including three times as much as coffee. It also contains significant amounts of theobromine, a stimulant found in chocolate that helps the body produce dopamine, the feel-good hormone. Guarana is frequently used as a natural stimulant and is consumed as a tea or a powder. Even though this supplement is completely safe, I advise using it just once a day to avoid the jitters. Along with versions from a few other manufacturers, it is also offered as the Coca-Cola soda Kuat, though I wouldn’t drink it that way due to the extra sugar. Guarana helps you battle fatigue, improve mental clarity and alertness, boost metabolism, and provide you physical endurance.


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